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From Lost In Space:


Dear Liberal Preacher Man,

I am coming up on my 10th year of ordination. I’ve “been around” a few times, ya know? Still, I have this ongoing dilemma: Why do Christians piss me off so?


Lost in Space


Dear Lost In Space,

First, congratulations on making it to your 10th year ordination anniversary.

Sounds like you’ve been around the block, or perhaps, around the universe a couple of times.

Well, there a million and one ways the Christians can piss a person off, and I’m not even factoring in what they might say or do to the ordained crowd.  Personally, I’ve been blessed, but I’m aware of colleagues, called by God, who – well, they can relate to some comments in Will Campbell’s Forty Acres and A Goat

“When I accepted the call, I didn’t know it was collect.”  (p. 148)

He had “a call but no steeple.”  (p. 5)

He was a “bootleg preacher.” (p. 13)

You didn’t indicate if you had a steeple or not.  Perhaps you are a bootleg preacher.  Either way, I hope you’ll stick with the church and the Christians.  Their pissing you off will continue to be an ongoing dilemma.  You can count on that.  (Just as you pissing them off will occur at a steady rate.)

But back to the Christians, I believe every church ought to have at least one Christian.  If they don’t have one, they need to go out and rent one.”


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