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From Dottie:

Dear Liberal Preacher,

“If one wants to believe in heaven, but has a problem with the bible contradicting itself, does that person call himself/herself a Christian or just a spiritual person?”



Dear Dottie,

There is a growing number of people who want to be spiritual but don’t care for the baggage of being Christian.

There also is an an increasing number of Christians who are jumping at the bit to tell other Christians they are not Christians.  If you don’t believe like me, then……….then you aren’t a Christian, they say.  That’s their little illusion and their propaganda.

Don’t believe a word of it.  Just because a loud mouthed Christian/preacher says you are not a Christian or just because a church council says you are not a Christian does not make it so.

Christians have believed diverse things about God and scripture from the beginning of Christianity.  Conservative Christians don’t want you to know church history.  I mean, how can you read ten minutes of church history and not see major differences among the Christians?  And as for biblical contradictions, early church figures, unlike many modern Christians, at least fessed up to problems in biblical interpretation.  I’m not saying I like their “solutions,” but at least they fessed up.

Dottie, I, like you, believe in heaven and am honest about contradictions in the Bible.  I have friends who are spiritual but not Christian.  Hope you will join me in staying Christian.  The world needs some honest Christians. 

Yes, definitely yes, you can be a Christian and be honest about biblical contradictions.  In fact, I would argue that if you aren’t honest about biblical contradictions you aren’t being the Christian God and the world needs you to be.  I hope and pray the Christians don’t believe and live certain biblical texts or the world is in trouble.


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From Lost In Space:


Dear Liberal Preacher Man,

I am coming up on my 10th year of ordination. I’ve “been around” a few times, ya know? Still, I have this ongoing dilemma: Why do Christians piss me off so?


Lost in Space


Dear Lost In Space,

First, congratulations on making it to your 10th year ordination anniversary.

Sounds like you’ve been around the block, or perhaps, around the universe a couple of times.

Well, there a million and one ways the Christians can piss a person off, and I’m not even factoring in what they might say or do to the ordained crowd.  Personally, I’ve been blessed, but I’m aware of colleagues, called by God, who – well, they can relate to some comments in Will Campbell’s Forty Acres and A Goat

“When I accepted the call, I didn’t know it was collect.”  (p. 148)

He had “a call but no steeple.”  (p. 5)

He was a “bootleg preacher.” (p. 13)

You didn’t indicate if you had a steeple or not.  Perhaps you are a bootleg preacher.  Either way, I hope you’ll stick with the church and the Christians.  Their pissing you off will continue to be an ongoing dilemma.  You can count on that.  (Just as you pissing them off will occur at a steady rate.)

But back to the Christians, I believe every church ought to have at least one Christian.  If they don’t have one, they need to go out and rent one.”

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Ann Landers

Welcome to Ask A Liberal Preacher! 

Ann Landers,  pictured above, was a pen name created by Chicago Sun-Times advice columnist Ruth Crowley in 1943 and taken over by Eppie Friedman in 1955.  For 56 years, the Ask Ann Landers  syndicated advice column was a regular feature in many newspapers across North America. Due to this popularity, ‘Ann Landers’, though fictional, became something of a national institution and cultural icon.

Well, we’ll see what happens with Ask A Liberal Preacher, but here’s your chance to ask away.  Ask about anything and everything: religion, current events, sex, relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, church history, science and religion, poitics – anything and everything.  Need relationship advice? Need parenting help? Have a problem that just won’t go away? Have a “beef with God”? Have a question about a Biblical text? Do you have a situation at work that is troubling? Wonder why you turned out like your parents in some respects even though you swore you wouldn’t be like them? Having difficulty forgiving yourself or another person?

Send your questions to:


Submit first name and location or feel free to use complete anonymity.

Like Ann, I will not able to respond to all questions, but I’ll try to tackle a question Monday – Friday.

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