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From Alie

Dear Liberal Preacher,

I have noticed most Baptists do not drink alcohol.  Why is that?  Is there a Biblical reason for this, or just a personal preference?  (After all, Jesus didn’t turn water into milkshakes!)



Dear Alie:

You are not seriously buying the idea that most Baptists do not drink alcohol are you?

Whath goes on beyond closed doors?  There’s a song with those words, isn’t there?

You’ve heard the joke?  You know the difference between a ___________ (fill in the blank, Methodist, Presby, Whiskeypalean, etc.) and a Baptist?  A ______ will talk to you in the liquor store.

On the other hand, we all know and believe Jesus drank Welch’s grape juice.  It’s right there in John 999:99 (Goofed-up Bible version). 

Will Baptists ever be honest?


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