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For those feeling the crunch from tough conditions

For those paralyzed by fears

For those people who saw their security plan go down the drain

For those human beings whose health has declined

Special prayers.  Special prayers for these people.

Celebrations for:

Those with a new dream

Those looking beyond

Individuals experiencing growth

And celebrations for skeptics, who keep us honest about life as it is.  May their thoughts be a stimulus to us to have a more honest faith.


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To the ONE who created some semblance of order out of chaos:

Amidst the agony and the ecstatsy

in the beginning, middle and aftermath of the uproar and exploded parts of our lives

When we say “pardon my French,” often because we just don’t speak the same lanuage

when life is mostly intrigue and buildup

make us – make us pause for a break



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May the Creator

Give you peace and inner strength during any showdown today.

For all that taxes you let humor and absurdity be your medicine.

May your bosses give you and yours raises.  Got to feed the family and have fun.

Turn your anger into fruitfulness with the assist of curiosity.

Do you know, offhand, anyone who knows…………?  Find some folk who know life.  Hang out with them.

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Help us God to know when:

our life, our church, our marriage, our place of work is making us dumber or smarter.

Prayers for those who are:




leaving for good

at a four-year low

not smelling the roses

gravely ill

have eyes peeled for naughty

on the run

who are ratting out the polluters.

Finally, forgive the Christians and the Church for running a huge Ponzi scheme.

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