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From Anonymous:

Dear Liberal Preacher,
I am a young college student who is questioning their sexual orientation.  My question is what does the bible say about being gay?  I have always heard it is wrong to be gay and I want to know what you are supposed to do if you can not be straight?

Dear Anonymous College Student:

I am so glad you are in college.  You will learn that many things you were previously taught are wrong, including that your sexual orientation is a sin.

I am a liberal Christian.  We typically are not certain of much, but I am certain your sexual orientation is not a sin.

I wish I could explain my position in a blog entry but I can’t.  I’m writing a book titled The Sex Education of a Baptist Ministry which explains how I became convinced, with not even an ounce of uncertainty, that one’s sexual orientation and gender identity is not a sin.

Now here’s the bad news.  In my opinion, there are probably two Bible verses which disapprove of same sex.  What they don’t tell you is that many of the verses which are supposedly clear are, in fact, unclear.  Either way, parts of the Bible are simply wrong.  I know that may be shocking news but I want the chance in the book to convince you such is the case.  I also want to convince you that in thinking about God and life and sexual orientation, etc. we (if you are a Christian) need to consider that all sources for our theology are equally valid (experience, reason, church tradition, Bible, science) and are our sources are problematic, including the Bible.

Now I don’t mean to be “smart,” but Dale C. Martin has taught me in Sex and the Single Savior that the Bible does not “say” anything.  Put a Bible in the room and be quiet for two or three hours and listen to if you hear any the Bible say any words (literally, now).  All that is to say that simply referring to the Bible is not enough. The Bible requires interpretation.  Now all interpretations are not possible and not interpretations are equal.  The church throughout its history is forced to use more than the Bible.   Actually, when you consider Christians disagree about what books should be in the Bible, that we have tons of manuscripts and have to pick which ones to use, and when you consider many other factors – well, it’s really just more complicated than many Christians want to be honest about.  Regardless of what I just wrote, for starters I would encourage you to read the Bible and start highlighting all the horrible things in it.  Buy Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer’s book Jesus Against Christianity.   Read the first 100 pages and then check back with me.

Sorry for the delay in responding to your very important question.  I’ve been in intense pain the last five weeks and am recovering from gallbladder surgery.   (Sorry for not having a drawing at the end of the post.  Just not up to it yet.)

You need to recover from the untruths the church has taught you.

Now here’s a prayer for your healing.  Here are the lyrics of Easy To Be Me (Lifehouse).

“Easier To Be”


Chasing fireflies
Elusive dreams
This pre life crisis
Is killing me
Beautiful tragedy
Who I was wasn’t me
Yeah yeah

Do do do do
You make it easier to be
Easier to be me

It’s hard to believe
You make it easy…

We speak in silence
Words can’t break
It feels like we are
Falling awake
In a place and a time
Of our own
Yeah yeah

Do do do do
You make it easier to be
Easier to be me

Hard to believe

It felt like the world
Fell from my feet
Gave up on myself

You didn’t give up on me
Let myself go
You were still there
Like coming home
Coming up for air
Yeah yeah



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From Dottie:

Dear Liberal Preacher,

“If one wants to believe in heaven, but has a problem with the bible contradicting itself, does that person call himself/herself a Christian or just a spiritual person?”



Dear Dottie,

There is a growing number of people who want to be spiritual but don’t care for the baggage of being Christian.

There also is an an increasing number of Christians who are jumping at the bit to tell other Christians they are not Christians.  If you don’t believe like me, then……….then you aren’t a Christian, they say.  That’s their little illusion and their propaganda.

Don’t believe a word of it.  Just because a loud mouthed Christian/preacher says you are not a Christian or just because a church council says you are not a Christian does not make it so.

Christians have believed diverse things about God and scripture from the beginning of Christianity.  Conservative Christians don’t want you to know church history.  I mean, how can you read ten minutes of church history and not see major differences among the Christians?  And as for biblical contradictions, early church figures, unlike many modern Christians, at least fessed up to problems in biblical interpretation.  I’m not saying I like their “solutions,” but at least they fessed up.

Dottie, I, like you, believe in heaven and am honest about contradictions in the Bible.  I have friends who are spiritual but not Christian.  Hope you will join me in staying Christian.  The world needs some honest Christians. 

Yes, definitely yes, you can be a Christian and be honest about biblical contradictions.  In fact, I would argue that if you aren’t honest about biblical contradictions you aren’t being the Christian God and the world needs you to be.  I hope and pray the Christians don’t believe and live certain biblical texts or the world is in trouble.

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From:  Joe Dirt

Dear Liberal Preacher,

This is posted on my Facebook page in light of the Haiti earthquake.

“If actions are neither right nor wrong independent of God’s will, then God cannot choose one over another because it is morally better.  Thus, any moral choices God makes must be arbitrary.”  I pulled it from one of Richard Dawkins’ books.

A family member responds with “GOD does not make moral choices……We do.”
Please enlighten me Mr. Liberal Man of Wonder as to how I can respond in a short and satisfactory manner.  Please bear in mind that this person has all the answers.  In her mind the great book tells all………. 
Dear Joe Dirt,

Here’s a photo that makes me not give answers to what happened in Haiti.

When Job (and I don’t think Job is a historical person) suffered greatly his religious friends saw the magnitude of his suffering and they shut their traps.  Didn’t say a syllable or drag out their scripture.  Just sat on the ground seven days with Job.  (Job 2:13)

Unfortunately, later when Job’s so-called friends did open their traps what came out were religious answers that weren’t answers, answers that didn’t work, answers that didn’t solve anything.   

I fear some Christians know more about God’s will than God knows.  I fear some Christians do a lot of damage with their mouths and words.  I fear some Christians are going to overshoot the pearly gates.

Joe, my advice is life is too short to argue with Christians who have all the answers.


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